In addition to elder, deacon is the only other recognized office in the scriptures. Qualifications for men serving as deacons are given in the scriptures.  1 Timothy 3:8-10 

The work of a deacon is that of a servant in the sense that they serve the church under the oversight of the elders. Deacons are men assigned to specific areas of service, e.g., ministries, within the body. They serve as an organizer and gate keeper for the work to be done in their assigned areas.

In addition to Deacons leading specific ministries, Hardin Valley has other deacons who serve as “coordinators” across multiple areas of work within our congregation so all our work can be more organized than it might be without these men. They also help take the burden of church administration off of those men selected to serve as elders and those men that serve as deacons in specific areas of work.

Mark Jones

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Tray Allen

Mark Bentley

David Bond

Daniel Brooks

Phil Butler

Todd Chambers

Tom Denton

Graham Fox

Randy Gibson

Michael Gladden

Jim Harris

David Jerkins

David Kornrumpf

Pat Lewis

Brian Light

John Little

Jeff Roberson

John Roberts

Milton Shaw

Rick Slagle

John Strickland

Tim Theiss

Michael Vann

Jimmy Vaughn

Lee Whitaker

David White

Tommy Whitehead

Jim Willis