HK Derryberry Speaks at HVCOC

HK DerryBerryEveryone has a champion in their life. Someone who has been your hero. Someone who has picked you up when you couldn’t pick yourself up. Someone who loved you unconditionally.

Born in 1990, HK Derryberry has dealt with a number of medical problems, including blindness and cerebral palsy. He has constantly fought to overcome those disabilities. In fact, HK is one of about a dozen people in the world with “Superior Autobiographical Memory”.

At the age of 9, HK and Jim Bradford met, changing both of their lives forever. Jim truly became a champion for HK and their friendship is an inspiring story. Since an early age, HK has displayed a remarkable ability to recall dates and other facts surrounding events in his life.

Hardin Valley was pleased to host HK and Jim in early November 2017. We had a “Breakfast of Champions” on Saturday, November 4 to hear the inspirational story of two champions — HK Derryberry and Jim Bradford. On Sunday, November 5 we had a “Day to Remember in November” during our worship time. We praised Jesus the ‘hero of our souls’ and continued to hear more from HK Derryberry and Jim Bradford concerning their faith and friendship!

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For even more on this amazing story, you may buy “the Awakening of HK Derryberry” by Jim Bradford. It is available in electronic, audiobook, and hard copy versions.

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