Our primary goal for adult education at Hardin Valley is that each one of us become more like Jesus. God’s Word was so much a part of Jesus’ life that the apostle John recognized Jesus as the Word of God. If we are to be like Jesus, God’s Word needs to be infused in our lives as well. Personal time reading, reflecting on, and putting into practice God’s word is a crucial part of becoming like Jesus. Therefore, whether it is in large information-rich forums or in smaller discussion groups, the adult education ministry at Hardin Valley is focused on God’s word and its transforming power in our lives.

Current Classes:

Ladies’ Bible Class – “Seeing Ourselves As God Does110Sarah Ross
Spiritual Warfare111Adrian Marsh, Clay Alexander & Bobby Simpson
Being, Making, and Sending Disciplines112Larry Cline
Young Professionals – “Letters To The Church”113Steve Lipsey
World Bible School / Inmate Ministry115Helpers Needed
The Daily Bible Study Class: James137EJim Fox, John Ritchie and Kevin Lancaster
The Divided Kingdom and Age of Prophets138Tim Theiss & Mark Kohring
Young Families – “Intentional Parenting”140David Jerkins