The Men’s Ministry is intended to accomplish the following:

  • Connect men to each other for mutual encouragement and accountability
  • Help each of us to grow closer to each other as a body of believers and to God
  • Serve the common good of the congregation and the brotherhood

Most of our work currently takes place through three activities:

1) Discussion Groups – Two groups of men meet at the church building each week, one on Monday evening and the other on Thursday evening, for a period of sharing, prayer, and discussion. The groups convene between 6:45 and 7:00 p.m. and end by 8:00 p.m. Each discussion group meeting begins with a sharing of prayer requests, followed by a prayer and a period of discussion on a biblical topic. As we become closer, the prayer requests become more personal. Men are encouraged, but not obligated, to share their personal struggles with each other with the understanding that “what’s said here stays here.” To our knowledge, that commitment has never been violated.

2) Annual Gathering – “Christian men don’t retreat.” So instead of an annual retreat, we have an annual Gathering. Gatherings happen in the Spring and encompass a weekend, from Friday evening to Sunday morning. They are held in a conference center within a short drive of Knoxville. Those with Sunday morning responsibilities are able to return to worship services at the Hardin Valley church building. Others stay for an on-site worship service. One purpose of Gatherings is to help men build relationships away from our normal church environments. The Friday evening session is intended to help men learn more about each other. Three Saturday sessions allow for teaching and engagement with each other. On Saturday night, men are invited to join a fireside chat to discuss whatever issues are on their minds.

3) Burgers and Bible Talks (B&Bs) are held a few times each year and are scattered throughout the year. They involve men getting together, usually on a weekday evening or on Saturday morning (when it becomes Breakfast and Bible Talks). Men from the Monday and Thursday groups will cook (or cater) a meal and invite others in the congregation as well as other friends and families. We engage an outside speaker to provide a motivating message.

The Men’s Ministry has proven to be an effective way for men to connect, quickly and at a deep level, with the Hardin Valley Church of Christ. Lives have been changed from their involvement with the Men’s Ministry and through the caring attitudes and involvement of the many good men who are active in the ministry.