Hardin Valley Church of Christ’s Statement of Prohibition of Sexual Harassment

Hardin Valley Church of Christ (HVCOC) implemented a Policy and Guidelines on Sexual Harassment applicable to its employees. The policy, among other things, prohibits any form of sexual harassment. The Elders of HVCOC would like to extend to all members the protection of its prohibition of sexual harassment. If anyone considers they are a victim of sexual harassment, by any person or means, at any church activity, then the victim should immediately report the offending actions to the Elders. In order for the Elders to fully address any complaint, such complaint must be submitted to the Elders in writing, and the Elders will investigate the complaint promptly, thoroughly and impartially. Appropriate remedial action will be taken with the complainant being informed of the result. Confidentiality, to the extent feasible, will be maintained. If the complaint of sexual harassment involves an Elder, the complaint should be presented to any remaining Elder. The remaining Elders will follow the process described herein to address any complaint of sexual harassment. Any questions regarding this policy or its interpretation should be referred to the Elders.